Holly Newcastle


Holly Newcastle is a stunningly gorgeous, well-built white woman. She’s 5’9” tall and has short blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s often compared (favorably) to swimsuit models and Bond girls. In the field Holly wears her MHI body armor with the “smiling li’l devil face” patch; on social occasions she wears fashionable clothes chosen to show off her face and figure to best effect.


Holly Newcastle was working as a stripper in Las Vegas to put herself through nursing school when a group of vampires kidnapped her and imprisoned in their “feeding pit” along with several other people. She spent several weeks in that hell, enduring not only being fed upon by bloodsuckers but experiencing some of her fellow captives going insane. She was strong enough to resist that, and in fact had to kill several of the others before they became vampires themselves. Eventually the vampires were slain by Team Vegas and Holly and a few of the others were rescued. Impressed by her strength of will, MHI recruited her.
Holly comes across as a wisecracking, cynical, hardbitten woman who’s not impressed or fazed by anything — and this isn’t an act. She knows how harsh the world can be,
especially the supernatural parts of it, and is determined that she’ll never be weak, exploited, or frightened again, no matter the cost. But beneath the tough exterior she shows to the world beats a kind and sympathetic heart. For example, she spends a lot of time working with monster attack survivors at the Appleton Asylum, though almost no one at MHI knows about this. And she’s fiercely loyal to her friends. Holly also likes to pretend that she doesn’t need anyone else in this world, but the truth is she’s lonely (though she won’t admit it even to herself ). Deep down she’d like to find a boyfriend, someone to share her life and cares with, but so far she hasn’t had any luck locating “Mr. Right.”
“Is that vest bulletproof ? It looks bulletproof. Let’s find out.” <blam>
Holly’s weapon of choice is a .308 Vepr assault rifle with a specially-designed magazine. But she’s also fond of using heavier weapons, such as RPGs, and eagerly takes any opportunity to fire one. Despite looking like a stereotypical dumb blonde, Holly’s anything but. She really impressed her instructors during training with her ability to pick up and retain information about monsters, and she’s continued to learn, and to use her intelligence, while on active duty as a Hunter. She’s been particularly careful to learn as much as she can about vampires; she loathes them and enjoys destroying them immensely.

Holly Newcastle

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