John “Trip” Jermain Jones


Trip Jones is a dark-skinned black man who’s 5’10” tall; he has dreadlocks and is clean shaven. He’s got a muscular, athletic look but isn’t overly “bulked up.” In the field he wears his MHI body armor with the “smiling li’l devil face” patch.


John Jermain Jones, better known to his MHI friends as Trip (short for “Triple J”), was born in Florida, the third son of a large, Baptist, immigrant Jamaican family. His father died while he was still an infant, leaving his mother to raise her brood alone. As a kid he developed a love of Fantasy stories, and to this day is a voracious reader of Fantasy novels and well-versed in the trivia of the genre. Trip studied chemistry in college (and also played football). He spent a few years using his degree in the private sector but found that he didn’t enjoy it, so he became a high school chemistry professor in Leonard, Florida. (He also subbed band and was an assistant football coach.) He’d probably have spent the rest of his life teaching the periodic table to teenagers had an evil voodoo houngan not decided to raise a zombie army in his town. Trip’s school was soon under siege from zombies. Grabbing a pickaxe he defended himself and anyone else he could protect, though this required him to destroy a lot of students and colleagues who’d become zombies. He survived the incident and the subsequent MCB investigation, and was soon recruited by MHI. He and Owen Pitt roomed together during training and became fast friends; Trip’s served on teams with Owen ever since.
Most of the time Trip is an easy-going, happy fellow who sees the brighter side of things. Compared to the often cynical Hunters he associates with, this makes him something of a breath of fresh air. On the other hand he’s not as gregarious as most of his fellow monster killers; he’s as likely to spend time by himself reading as to go to a party. He’s also slightly prudish. Trip is, as Owen Pitt likes to put it, MHI’s “moral compass” — a man who’s genuinely heroic, honest, noble, gentlemanly, and true. He has a strongly developed sense of right and wrong, and always strives to do what he thinks is right — no matter the risk to himself or what it might cost him. He’s very much a modern good Samaritan, willing to stop what he’s doing to help someone out. Trip is something of a germaphobe — an unfortunate trait for someone in a profession that exposes him to monster goo, decaying zombie flesh, and other such enjoyable things. He carries a small plastic vial of hand cleanser with him everywhere and uses it whenever he thinks necessary. Given the choice he’ll avoid any job that might expose him to germs in favor of some less dirty chore.
“After Florida, once I found out there was such a thing as Hunters, for the very first time I knew what God wanted me to do with my life. I’d found my purpose. ere was real evil in the world, but it was okay, because there were good guys that could fight it.”
In combat situations Trip usually isn’t a front-line fighter or the guy who’s first through the door. He takes on more of a “support” role, covering his teammates and making sure that anything that tries to surprise or ambush them gets its head blown o before it can hurt them. He particularly hates zombies and other undead. Trip’s rearm of choice is a KRISS submachine gun (usually with a sound suppressor attached). He also carries a tomahawk-like hatchet for cleaving the skulls of zombies and other horrors.

John “Trip” Jermain Jones

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