Milo Ivan Anderson


“He was an interesting-looking fellow, weathered to the point that it was difficult to guess his age, a little shorter than average, with a shaved head, small wire-rimmed glasses over a blunt freckled nose, and a thick red beard that was absurdly long and pointy. The end had even been braided with a few decorative beads. He was wearing a Rush Tom Sawyer T-shirt, cargo shorts, and Birkenstock sandals. He looked kind of like a granola-eating environmentalist type, except for the worn M4 carbine hanging idly from a tactical-sling draped over his shoulder. He was spitting the remains of sunflower seeds into a cup.”– Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia

Milo Anderson is a huskily-built white male, 5’7” tall. He has long red hair (though he sometimes gives it a buzz cut or shaves it entirely) and a red beard that reaches halfway to his belt. (His beard is always long.) Sometimes he weaves the beard into one or two braids. He wears thick, round glasses. In everyday situations Milo tends to have an “unusual” fashion sense, often wearing clothes in vivid colors or that don’t match (for example, he has a purple men’s suit). In the field he wears his MHI body armor with the “smiling li’l devil face” patch. He tends to carry “unusual” weapons of his own design or modification, such as his flamethrower.


Milo Ivan Anderson was only fifteen, the youngest child in an Idaho family with fourteen kids, when an MHI team saved him from a group of serpent-men creatures. Unfortunately the attack killed almost everyone else in his family, leaving Milo effectively an orphan. He joined MHI, which became his new “family.” It’s one he’s proud to be a part of ever since. Milo’s wife Shawna is a cryptozoologist he met while on a mission in Guatemala. They have one child.
Milo’s often described as a “mad genius,” and while the “mad” part is a humorous exaggeration there’s no denying that he’s a genius. He’s highly skilled at a number of technical endeavors (particularly weapons design), and brings to them an eccentric, creative outlook that tends to make his creations even more useful. Milo is a devout Mormon who possesses a strong personal faith — strong enough, in fact, to hold off master vampire Susan Shackleford on one occasion. When vampires or the like are involved his value to an MHI team becomes even greater.
“Milo Ivan Anderson. Jack of all trades, master of a couple. Call me Milo. If you live long enough I’m the guy that gets to teach you how all of the cool stuff works.”
In addition to being a skilled, experienced Hunter, Milo is MHI’s resident mad genius — “the Edison of Monster Hunting, the Da Vinci of creative destruction,” as Klaus Lindemann once put it. As such, he often carries weapons that he’s designed himself or heavily modified from their original appearance and function — such as his flamethrower, one of his favorites. It’s a powerful weapon, particularly against the undead, but it’s not without its drawbacks. Milo’s always dreaming up new ways to inflict destruction on monsters or make Hunters’ lives easier. He’s built a giant harpoon for killing luska, designed MHI’s special body armor, and made crucial improvements to many Hunters’ weapons. (He’s also on the contact list of many arms manufacturers, since they know he’ll give their latest inventions a thorough and professional testing.) He’s even offered to build MHI some killer robots if Julie will pay for them. Milo is MHI’s best scrounger. Give him some money and the chance to look around, and the odds are he can find whatever his team needs and get it for a reasonable price using his Trading Skill. Milo’s hobby is climbing, a skill that has occasionally come in handy during monster hunting missions.

Milo Ivan Anderson

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